Economic questions for investigation

There are a large number of economic situations or processes in different countries that I want to study: the functioning of normal economies, economic crisis, economic growth and wealth distribution.

  • What policy should be applied in Sweden in order to get a good health system, good education and care of children and elderly people? How can we meet the large number of refuges that are now coming to Sweden? How can we finance the expenditures?
  • How shall a stable and sustainable pension system be designed?
  • Basic income.
  • Shorter workdays.
  • How can we meet the global warming challenge? What is the effect of different taxes or regulations and how do we design the system to get public acceptance.
  • How shall Greece solve its financial problems with low production in the economy? How much money can Greece borrow and can it ever pay back its debts? Is the only solution tha Greece leaves the Euro-zone in introduces its own currency, drachma? What will the consequences for the public be?
  • Venezuela has right now serious economic problems with scarcity of foods and goods but venezuelan commodities are abundant in Colombia. How much can domestic consumption be subsidised and how does the government get out of the dependency of oil export and low oil prices? Taxation system and corruption.
  • How can better education and health care be used prevent conflicts inside countries and betwwen countries? What importance have tax havens and capital flight?