Splitter (distribution)

A distribution point (shrapnel) divides the sum of the incoming flow of outgoing flows (at least 2) in specific parts.

These elements are used to add to a distribution point and flows to connect the same. It is assumed that the unit for flows previously set to be thousands of Swedish kronor (SEK thousand kilo = SEK).

  • Download the symbol of the distribution point by clicking on the toolbar. Place the cursor (crosshairs) in the desired location in the drawing area.
  • Get detailed flows and link these to the distribution point.
  • Download outbound flows and link these to the distribution point.
  • Right-click on the title of each flow and specify size of the flow of all streams except one. Depending on other parts of the model can be multiple streams already be given or calculated and then they should not be reentered.
  • Right-click on the distribution point to bring up a dialog box. Distribution Values ​​are now for all outgoing streams except one. The sum of distribution values ​​must be between 0 and1.

The result could be like this:

Add to splinters
Results: Click on the image to see a video.