Simulation program

You can download my simulation program here . You need to have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed to run it. It can be downloaded from .

It only describes how a model should be interpreted. See the tab User’s Manual on how to build models.

The opening window looks like this.
Opening the Window ECF program
The head indicates the software version by creation date. This version 3007 can make dynamic models including banks. The line below contains menus with sub-options. Then follows a series of buttons that represent the various components used in the construction of models. Scale: indicates the different scales for drawing models. Time line: indicates the time segment, has a pull control to step between time segment and a field to describe each time segment.

Drawing area can be enlarged, maximized and minimized within the application window frame.

Information-bar at the bottom can contain various messages.

The button bar contains all the components used to build models.

Marker Button to return to normal arrow cursor. The cursor is used to point to (click on) components, move or resize them.

Nodes-1 The buttons are in order

  • Sector to describe an economic operator, eg public sector, households or private sector. Refer ECF models .
  • Bank.
  • Hub for incoming and outgoing flows.
  • Splitter. Splits a flow into different parts.
  • Process. Converts flows to other flows, eg work to products.

Nodes-1 The buttons are in order

  • Source or sink.
  • Endpoint that connects a flow with another flow with corresponding point at another place in the chart.
  • Account for accumulating assets and liabilities. Paired with a bank.
  • Flow Generator. This determines the incoming and outgoing flows depending on a signal (see below).

Nodes-1 The buttons are in order

  • Flow, eg, payment, work, products, etc.
  • Signal. Determined by example the balance of an account or determines the flow in a flow generator (see above).
  • Function that calculates a signal from another.
  • Explanatory text.
  • Button to delete a symbol marked with arrow cursor.